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 Bespoke media storage systems by Alan Ross. This venture started out as a way of managing my collection of awful music. I looked at what was available commercially and was to put it mildly not impressed .

Most of the shelves I saw were bulky and limited in capacity and downright ugly. There was no flexibility in design and little quality work available; bearing in mind that we are not only displaying the materials but also the shelves. This led to me designing my own storage system, I wanted a feeling of light, space and elegance. I wanted to use steel and I chose to braze all of the joints because it is the most pure means of joining metal and the nicest looking. This makes a feature of the materials used rather than hiding them.


Typically I supply my shelving units in soft wood, using Swedish Redwood fro sustainable sources, but I can also offer a range of hardwoods, please contact me direct for more details.

Below is a picture of my first CD rack. Measuring in at 76cm wide with space for about 450 CD'  with DVD's on the top shelf.

















I then moved on to put my mess of books onto a similar system, bearing in mind the weight of books I made this set of shelves to be both wall mounted and floor standing.



















Note how in this case I was able to fit the unit into a gap between two windows with no wasted space, also the use of angled legs avoids problems with clearing skirting boards.

A recent addition to my range of shelving units.

I finally got round to building myself a HiFi stand, based on the same materials and techniques as my other shelving systems. I have also built in a cable management facility, with a small subshelf mounted under the unit and recesses machined into the backs of the shelves to allow the cables to be routed through the shelves, avoiding the hideous mess seen in so many installations.

Here we have a quote from a recent customer, Trevor from Hertfordshire'

"Unbelievable!!!! The package arrived 10.05 this morning. Opened it up and everything is in perfect condition. I have just tried the construction in the recess (no screw at this stage) and it fits like a glove. It looks great as well.

 It is always a bit concerning buying things off the web from unknown sourses, but your regular communications and detailed information made this a very easy transaction. Thanks for your help and attention to detail." Always good to hear feedback.

Next up is a pair of before and after shots from customer Jason Dorset of his large DVD collection

First picture shows his original installation, an MDF/chipboard set of shelves, sagging despite the bulk of material

Then below we have his coolshelving system. A much tidier and less cluttered solution to storage.

A quote from Jason after installing his shelves

''A couple of photos are attached...I had three requirements - more storage, to take up less space in the room and a more elegant solution than something made of chipboard

Achieved all three...all DVDs are now in one place rather than dotted around the room, very happy thanks ;o) ''

Here is a customer shot of a large unit with a capacity of around 750 CD's, a tidy and compact way of storing a large number of discs.










Below another customer shot,  DVD rack made for Kathryn Ward, she wanted a black unit to fit with other furnishings and needed space for around 750 DVD's we came up with this design to share the weight between the floor and walls and to leave space for wall mounted sockets. Where else can you get this kinf of flexibility of design? as well as these good looks. Simple but effective. The metal frames were treated with Gun Blue to give a deep blue almost black finish. This is available as optional extra.




















Below is a rack designed by and made for Adam Ashby, this unit is one I am particularly pleased with as it shows the flexibility of the mode of construction, it gives a huge amount of storage space and still manages to feel airy and light and makes use of original wall features.  Basically it is made up of two small standard units with smaller shelves bridging the gap between them.









Another Custom Unit here. I was contacted by Terry Trinder, he was moving house and was looking for a bespoke unit to store his 'rather large' CD collection. He wanted a unit 3m long by 2.4m tall with 12 shelves for a capacity of around 3000 discs. Ok a large CD collection, in fact a huge one. We worked out a construction method that would allow it to be got upstairs, and I was able to match the existing suite of furniture, because of the height we felt a small footstool would be a good idea to reach the top shelf. The photo shows 4/5ths of the unit as there was not a wideangled lense available. A tidy solution to what must have been a real problem using of the peg storage.



















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