Made to measure book shelves in a contemporary style. Bespoke book storage for the home and office.

Book shelves made using my modular approach to shelving. I had to make my own book shelves as I could not find anything that I liked the look of. The construction is basically the same as used on the CD shelves, but I can space them out to suit the customers needs.

Here we have a set of bookshelves made in oak, they measure 3m long by 23cm deep, and were made for Paul Wilson, using the 'Gothic' arch top and legs.


A detail shot showing the frames and the grain in the oak before loading with books.


And another picture showing the shelves prior to filling and detailing how they were tailored to fit a long thin space on a landing.

Bookshelves like these need to be quoted as bespoke items as there so many variables involved.

A recent bookshelf build for Mark Appleton, he was looking for a set of shelves to fit into a small alcove by a door.


 Note how I mitred the corners so they did not catch anybody walking into the bedroom.

Here are the shelves filled with books.


Note in the picture above how I have been able to space the shelves to suit different formats of books, from the small paper backs on the bottom shelf to the larger sizes at the top. I am also able to supply the shelves at different depths to suit the customer's needs. Size wise I can make small units like this or can make whole wall sized systems with custom spacing throughout, and can work around corners.

 I did not include built in bookends on this unit but I can incorporate them on future versions. Prices  £35.00 per metre of shelf space as shown and £40.00 with bookends fitted, as on the DVD shelves elsewhere on the website. This proce applies to bookshelves in softwood made 145mm deep. As with the oak shelves I can make these to any dimensions and would need to prepare a quote for bespoke units.

For further information and quotes feel free to contact me direct.


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