Bespoke Hi Fi stands made to your measurments to suit your Hi Fi storage needs.

Can be made fit any size of units and any number of shelves and include cable management


HiFi stands by coolshelving, these are made of the same materials and use the same construction techniques as my media storage shelving, so you can have them made to match your other shelves.

The HiFi rack pictured is fitted in my home and replaces the rather sad I**ea unit I was bought years ago, as soon I had installed this I was aware of a better sound form the HiFi, something that my wife pointed out to me while I was setting everything up tidily, this would be due to the rigid mountings used.

A particular point is that the unit is tailored to suit your hardware so the space around each component is up to you, the owner, so no more stacking unit with random gaps above each component, a small point but it does look loads better.

As with the other shelving units the frames are made of  fillet brazed steel for an attractive joint and the shelves are made of Finnish Redwood. The shelves are 20m thick and the whole unit is floor standed and bolted to the wall for stability and rigidity. The feet are made of coins though if you would prefer I can fit spikes to go straight into the floor.

To avoid the usual hideous mess of cables hanging under the HiFi I have fitted a small subshelf that holds the four plug connector block that plugs into the wall, and there are spaces machined into the back of the shelves to allow cables to be connected and linked up tidily.

I can supply these in two styles, completely wall mounted so that the unit is in effect cantilevered off the wall, avoiding floor transmitted vibrations, or wall and flor mounted as in the images above.

Below is a customer unit made for Jute Butcher in solid oak, including spaces for some of his vinyl collection.


Customisable options include, length of the shelves, distance between them, I allowed 20mm clearance above the amp and CD player to allow heat dissipation, depth of the shelves front to back, number of shelves, cable management and finish of the wood. These options are all covered in the basic price of £65.00 per layer of shelving. I am now able to offer hardwood shelves at an extra cost Note when measuring the sizes of your amplifier etc make sure to include the space at the back for cable jacks etc, and measure the height of them including feet. Other options include having curved frame ends and gunbluing the steel components, the prices for these are on the custom builds page of the website.

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