Options and custom builds, how to tailor your storage units to your particular needs.

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I can make a set of shelves in virtually any shape to fit into the home or office. All I need to know is the spacing between the shelves, the height and length of the space for them to fit into. As mentioned earlier you can also choose the finish. This allows for a themed set of shelves for a home, avoiding the mish mash of styles so commonly seen.

Below is a customer shot, thanks to Adam Tidmarsh, who has so far ordered units for his Video Cassettes, DVD's and CD's all of which had to fit into tight alcoves in his house.













Below is a recent set of DVD shelves commissioned by Steve Garth, he wanted a floor standing unit with a black finish to fit in with existing floor and fittings. Steve's comments after installing the unit say it all;

''Thanks for this Alan, we're very pleased with the shelves, and no problems with the set up either I think they look great''



If you want an extra long set of shelves I can also add extra support frames to avoid that most tragic of things a saggy shelf, we have all seen them and none of us like them.  The unit below measured in at 150cm between uprights for a capacity of about 1000 CD's. So as you can see this is a flexible storage system.

This example was commissioned by the Jazz musician Charles Condy in an Ebony finish to match existing furniture.













A quote from Mr Condy, ' Agreat looking unit, I dont know how I coped before it arrived; all my flat surfaces were covered with CD's'.

A variation on this theme was made for customer Aethan Parry, we wanted a long set of shelves without the extra bracing in the middle, to do this I made a concealed strut that supports the middle of the shelves from the back giving a lighter more 'floaty' look with no breaks in the CD collection. This facility is available at no extra cost.

Here is a picture of  an idea from customer Lucas Bowler, he wanted a a convex curve on the tops of the rack, which when I made it gave the whole unit a clean modern take on traditional Gothic design. This is available as option from now on for an extra £20.00 per frame

Below is a small unit commisioned to match a customers fitted kitchen.














Below is a large DVD shelf, measuring in at 1.1m wide and 1.9m tall with a capacity of around 700 DVD's. A small mail order business comissioned 4 of these, A high density, stylish and expandable solution to storing large quantities of DVD's. At this size I put small legs on the bottom so the unit is floor standing and wall mounted.



















Below is a custom made for Kathryn Ward, As detailed in the construction and design pages she wanted extended legs to clear light switches and a black finish to match an existing theme in her home. To get the colour I used 'Gun Blue' on the steel and an Ebony wood stain. I had expected a black unit to be a very 'heavy' looking piece of furniture and was surprised at how it accentuated the lightness of the structure. I am able to offer the Gun Blue as an option, for a rack on this scale it will cost another £50.00.

A quote from Kathryn on recieving this unit;

'Just to let you know that the shelves are up and look fantastic, even better
than we had hoped! We are really really pleased with them. The DVDs are on -
and there is plenty of growing room which is what we wanted.
They look so good that now we are thinking that we need one for our CDs instead
of what we have got - but that will have to wait a while yet'

Another satisfied customer.



















As you can see this a flexible storage system that can be adapted to suit any needs.

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