Cool Shelving  CD racks Shelving and media storage commissions and ordering.

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First a quote from Customer Lisa Norton;

' By reading the introduction page on your website it looks as if your feelings were exactly the same as ours - we need good value for money, attractive storage space for our ever growing CD collection. Like you say the units that are on sale in the shops and various websites are unattractive, have not enough storage space, and are bulky. Your system seems like the perfect solution and it looks great.'

Here is a photograph from Lisa of the unit she commissioned to fit in a space in a loft conversion, a way of making maximum use of available wall space.













If you have an unusual space to fill or want a specific design do contact me to discuss things and get an informal quote, prior to me working up a finished design.

Regards Pricing

 Standard CD racks come in at £50.00 per metre of shelf space, working out at an average of 50p per disc stored. A unit like the one pictured below 1.00m long with 6 shelves would cost £300.00
















For DVD racks add another £5.00 per metre, this covers the diagonal bracing on the ends of the frames to stop the DVD cases toppling over bringing the cost up to £55.00 per  metre. See image below. Note this frames has also been treated with Gun Blue; giving a rich bluey/grey finish this is an extra treatment available from £50.00 according to the size of the rack.


A unit like the one below for CD's with 7 shelves 2 2m long would come in at £847.00














Other options are available, such as curly ends as seen on page 2 at an extra £20.00.

Custom fittings such as floor standing systems, eg for folks with 'dodgy' walls, this transfers most of the weight to the floor, leaving the wall mounts just holding the unit upright are also available.


Within the Uk is around £30.00 per unit flatpacked, I include instructions and all fittings needed.

Please contact me for for quotes before ordering. I am willing to take payment by cheque or paypal, note Paypal will include a 4% surcharge to cover paypal fees.

Delivery times are typically within three weeks.

If there any queries please feel free to get in touch. either by email  or by phone on  01792 424098 or 075905 80853. I am based near Swansea and am quite willing for customers to collect their units.