Photographs of units installed in customers homes along with customer feedback

A gallery of pictures of units installed in customers homes, to show my work in it's home environment. What I am after, and have not had yet is before and after shots of, for example large CD collections on the infamous I**ea 'Billy' shelves with follow up shots of them on coolshelving systems.

A set of shelves made for Ian Charman combining CD and DVD storage.

He was looking for a set of shelves made in oak with radiused edges to fill a space 2.7m long, and just to make life complicated there was a set of heating pipes in the way and a redundant gas fitting to hide.

Here is the before shot. True clutter

Then we can see the shelves empty, note the gas fitting and obstructing pipes.


Now we can see the shelves loaded, using an empty box set to hide the gas fitting was a clever touch that I will remember.


A quote from Ian.

"Firstly, I have to say both my wife and I are really really pleased with the final product. It is well made, very tactile, looks brilliant and does the job really well. It exceeds our expectations and, dare I say again, looks brilliant.
I enclose three photos.
1 is the pile of cds around the old I*ea units.
2 is the unit sans CDS/DVDs and
3 is the unit fully in place.
You will notice how the pipe work is well hidden. But also how, because you make pieces to actually fit the exact space they are going into, the unit looks fantastic in place and fits the surrounding perfectly.
Many thanks indeed for your work in this - worth every penny."

A recent customer, wanted an 'arts and crafts' style floor standing CD shelf to fit in with his traditional furniture, we worked out that he wanted the edges of the wood radiused to get away from the harsh edges typical of modern furniture, with curved frame rails and the feet to flow into the legs as though forged.

Here is a picture of a recent build for Peter Wilson, he wanted a Cd rack that would in a space on a wall and incorporate spae for the top of his record deck to open between the shelves. This made for a slightly more complicated structure that usual but we were able to meet his needs perfectly. Going from his measurements and drawing I was able to allow a few mm clearance either side of the folding lid.

A few words from Peter on his new unit

''The rack does exactly what I wanted it to do, and the additional space means that I can start buying CDs again. There are, in fact, already nearly 500 on it. The lid of the cabinet lifts between the two frames to give access to the record deck. Many thanks for an excellent product, which I could not have purchased anywhere else.''

Here is a photo from Simon Brown of his large DVd shelf and his combination CD/video
cassette unit, not ho they fited into a corner alcove and allow plenty of space in Simon's words.

                  ''Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the shelves - they are up and
                    look great. Have enclosed a few photos so you can see them, I've very
                    The shelves are great, exactly what I needed. Here
                    are some pics (the Christmas lights are only a temporary decoration)
                    as you can see it's impossible to get them all in one shot as they are
                   so long. Lots of free space for more DVDs/CDs too which is great!''

First up, a picture from Tracie Young. She had a problem finding a DVD shelf to fill that awkward space beside a large chimney breast, as you can see form the photograph she sent this problem is now solved., A few words from Tracie.

''I'm so pleased I came across you on the internet. I would never have been able to get something store-bought like this to my exact specifications and there is plenty of room to add new DVDS. It'll be a long while before I run out of space. Many thanks Tracie''


Next up is a photograph from Richard Fuller of his DVD unit. This example had to be shipped flatpacked because of it's size and access problems at Richards home, here are his comments regards the unit itself and the assembly process.
'Thanks very much for the shelves - they're great and the instructions were spot on! I have attached a picture of them constructed for you to see or if you want to put it on your website thats cool! Thanks again and will be back when I run out of space again! Rich' A satisfied customer.

Note how i was able to integrate the unit with existing fittings, both spacially and colourwise.


Next is a shot from Richard Russel he wanted a smaller unit for CD's a dark stain to match existing furniture and with the curly ends as described in the Options and Custom Builds page.

Here is a photograph from Dean Minot, he wanted a set of  wider display shelves to match his CD rack with custom spacing and to fit into an alcove.

A tidy and tasteful unit in keeping with the space they occupy, a comment from Dean
 ''We are very pleased with them.  They were dead easy to hang and look great''
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